Nicolet Montanus

About the teacher

Nicolet Montanus (1965) graduated from the theatre school in Amsterdam (faculty dance) in 1989. She worked as a professional dancer and teacher in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Australia. After her executive work, she worked as a CKC teacher (cultural and art development) at high schools.

In 1995, on a trip to India, Nicolet got introduced in to yoga and instantly knew this is what she had to do for the rest of her life.

She studied from 1997 untill now with the founder of the shadow yoga school Sundernath (Shandor Remete) and also met her first teacher Emma Balnaves there. In the north of India she studied Ayurvedic massage .

In 2005 she started her own yoga school in Houten, where she worked according to the shadow yoga principles. These days she teaches classes, workshops and privates sessions, in different places in the Netherlands.

Next to the yoga teachings, Nicolet works as a caterer for theatre groups. She is proud mom of Kaya.

Nicolet dedicates her life to help others on their journey to personal development, with all the knowledge she has been given through her own teacher and guru: Sundernath and Emma Balnaves.

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