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Shadow Yoga, a dynamic Hatha yoga form, based upon the ancient Hatha Yoga texts…

Shadow Yoga is a modern term that encompasses the ancient practices originated with the Pashupata tantrika yogins.

They are considered the oldest know yogins (even from before the time of Patanjali) that developed Hatha Yoga for the welfare and spiritual growth of mankind.

The name Shadow Yoga is derived from an old text entitled “Yoga of the shadow Man“. Shadow in this case stands for obstacle, which needs to be removed to experience inner freedom and personal growth.

Yoga has at it’s aim to awaken the inner potential of the individual. Therefor the individual needs the right mind set and the required tools.

Shadow yoga is offering a step to step system for each person, starting with the prelude forms.

Sundernath (Shandor Remete ) is the founder of Shadow Yoga. Emma Balnaves the co-founder and international respected teacher of the traditional Hatha Yoga forms and philosophies.

Nicolet Montanus is teaching Shadow Yoga in Houten, Haarlem en Amsterdam.

Shadow Yoga Classes

All the poses in the class are derived from everyday human activities, the animal kingdom, the martial arts, the dance and expertly brought together in the various forms.
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