Shadow Yoga


YOGA has as it’s aim the realization of the potential within the human being. The shadow yoga school   begins this process through the practice of  three fixed forms. This forms ,or preludes are develloped  to undo habitual patterns of tension which obstruct the free flow of PRANA (the life force).

It takes between three till seven years to learn these preludes and to dissolve the hidden imprints of cultural and family conditions that have manifested on the mental and physical planes. All movements in class have been adapted from a range of human activities, martial arts, dance , crafts of life and from the plant and animal kingdoms.
The appropriate combination of these activities with suitable rhythm (breath) and positioning of the body and limbs bring about the unfolding of the inner powers hidden in the individual.
By practicing shadow yoga you will slowly notice a change in awareness.
The mind will be more quiet, focused and clear. The body stronger, more flexible and vital.

SUNDERNATH ( Shandor Remete)  is the founder of Shadow Yoga. EMMA BALNAVES the director. They both travel and teach around the world.
For more information on their courses / workshops and teachings visit the shadow yoga website:


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