The teachings of the shadow yoga school are based upon an ancient old hatha yoga text in which is written that the human body is "nothing but frozen shadows".

The practise in class is there to discover this shadows (obstructions) on the physical,mental,emotional and energetic planes and let them dissolve.

The three preludes (forms) of Shadow Yoga are:

  • BALAKRAMA (stepping into strength)
  • CHAYA YODDHA SANCHALANAM (churning the shadow warrior)
  • KARTTIKEYA MANDALA (garland of light)

In class the three Shadow yoga preludes are utilized together with rhytmic breathing, the use of the bandha's (energetic locks) and an understanding of the marma system (energy points). By practising, the body slowly gets freed from it's restrictions which in return releases the mind and body from it's conditionings. This process brings about changes in awareness, firmness, flexibility and breath.

Nicolet gives three courses per season: one from september till xmas. One from january till easter and one till the summer break. In each course a different prelude will be studied.